Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the more recognizable legends in WWE history, and he is not exactly known for his full head of hair. In this partnership with Kawasaki, Austin tries a mullet on for size in an ad for the company’s new side-by-side vehicle, the Ridge. In an interview about the ad, Austin said he loved the idea when it was originally pitched to him. Whether you’re a millennial crypto investor or Jason Sudeikis, Intuit TurboTax has an expert for that.

  1. But given how much fans love Sudeikis as «Ted Lasso,» and from numerous other roles including «Horrible Bosses,» «Colossal,» «30 Rock,» and a lengthy stint on «Saturday Night Live,» the TurboTax ad will surely be in the conversation.
  2. While Jason may be waiting to meet his tax expert in the Super Bowl commercial, he seems like he may have met his real-life match with model Keeley Hazell.
  3. For the past several years, TurboTax has become surprisingly adept at combining the two.
  4. The name of the song is «The Safety Dance,» released in 1982 by the Canadian synth-pop band Men Without Hats.

TurboTax hired director Taika Waititi to direct the commercial as well, and the company is teasing something big for Feb. 11. BODYARMOR employs several of its big-name partners in its Super Bowl LVIII commercial. Chief among them is San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, who will be on the field in the Super Bowl.

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Adweek is the leading source of news and insight serving the brand marketing ecosystem. The commercial showed a shy-looking woman with black hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a red flannel cradling a white cat. She gave smile before it cut to a woman in a formal blue dress with a red TurboTax pin who offered a smile at the camera, showing that she’s a tax expert. It also showed a bearded man with the same red flannel on, before cutting to a male tax expert sporting a white t-shirt and a blue sweater with the same TurboTax pin. His t-shirt also had the phrase “We’re All Down To Earth On It.” As it showed the people with their matches, a voiceover in the commercial teased viewers about the upcoming commercial. Rest assured, the 2022 Super Bowl commercial game is shaping up to be a suitably star-studded experience.

The ad also features Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, Dallas Cowboys wideout CeeDee Lamb, Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid, Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr., and soccer superstar Alex Morgan. Between her roles in «X,» «Scream VI,» and «Wednesday,» Jenna Ortega has become something of a horror icon. By the looks of this clip, she will be playing that up in the Doritos turbotax super bowl commercial Super Bowl commercial. Ortega is snacking on some Doritos in an eerily empty store while looking for Dinamita. BetMGM already has a history of using prominent athletes and celebrities to promote its product, and three of them are teaming up for this Super Bowl ad. In this short teaser, Vince Vaughn lumps himself in with the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Tom Brady as an «amazing» athlete.

In recent years, companies have started unveiling short teasers and clips on social media to build curiosity about what will be in their commercial when the big day does arrive. In 2024, it seems like more brands than not have been doing exactly that, and we have gotten a bevy of previews for Super Bowl LVIII. While Jason may be waiting to meet his tax expert in the Super Bowl commercial, he seems like he may have met his real-life match with model Keeley Hazell. After the Horrible Bosses star’s split from Olivia Wilde in 2020, Jason’s been seen out and about with the model, and the two have even been spotted sharing romantic kisses on a vacation to Mexico in November 2021. In recent years, the NFL has run its own Super Bowl commercials featuring some of the biggest stars in the game, and that formula will not change for Super Bowl LVIII with multiple stars appearing in Ghana for this teaser. Last season’s NFL ad saw Mexican flag football star Diana Flores playing keep away from some of the biggest names in the league.

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«Scrubs» stars and real-life friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison have become the musically-inclined spokesmen for T-Mobile of the last couple of years. For this year’s Super Bowl commercial, they are bringing Aquaman star Jason Momoa into the mix, as they did with John Travolta in earlier big game spots. Momoa even recreates a famous moment from Flashdance at the end of the ad. When you file with us, unusual circumstances don’t mean complicated taxes thanks to our TurboTax Live experts. Get matched to YOUR tax expert, with TurboTax Live Full Service.

Super Bowl 2024: commercial teasers, previews

It’s Sudeikis who steps out of that suit, and goes on to list a slew of work complications that make his accounting needs more unique than most. For the past several years, TurboTax has become surprisingly adept at combining the two. Granted, their Super Bowl commercials aren’t in the same iconic league as, say, the Budweiser frogs or Britney Spears singing for Pepsi.

Bowl LVIII commercial and you could start the year with a win.

So much so that ahead of game day, many companies are already fronting some of their famous spokespersons in teaser spots for their game day ads. That includes TurboTax, who are shelling out some serious bucks to air their own Super Bowl spot, which happens to boast an appearance from an Emmy-winning actor currently earning rave reviews as the star of a hit Apple TV+ comedy. With Super Bowl LVIII now less than a week away, companies are already giving viewers a taste of what is to come in between the action on CBS. A number of the brands that will be airing commercials during the Super Bowl have already released previews that include big stars from the world of sports and entertainment.

As the culmination of the “Come to TurboTax” campaign from Wieden+Kennedy, “Dancer” continues the messaging of “Don’t Do Your Taxes.” The 45-second spot promotes Intuit’s TurboTax Live Full Service, where people can hand off their taxes to a TurboTax expert, which gives them time to enjoy their lives. Heck, you might even have a friend or two who tunes into the Super Bowl purely to see which actors, pop stars, and celebrity personalities are schilling for what brand. It’s safe to say that the Super Bowl and TurboTax have become a perfect match, so we’re here to help you find your match this year (for your taxes, of course) – just like how chips and dip or pizza and wings are the perfect match for your Super Bowl Sunday spread. As for the ad itself, it cheekily posits the new TurboTax Live function as a sort of match-making feature that pairs clients with their one and only in the accounting realm. It does so by depicting several users whose accounting needs require distinctly different areas of expertise. Along the way, the ad cycles through different accountants as users transform their appearances by removing special effects make-up, including a full body, zip-up human suit.

As «Magic Carpet Ride» plays over the top, it looks as if one Denver Broncos fan will have the night of his life tearing up the city with Post Malone, and that means the full ad could go in any number of directions. The Oreo ad plays on the idea that people could have been making major decisions throughout history simply by twisting the classic cookie and seeing which side has the cream. The clip runs through several key moments in human history, and it ends with Kardashian using that method to decide whether to air her family’s private life on the now famous docuseries. Legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tom Brady and so many more will all be seen during commercial breaks of this year’s game. As always, the companies will be getting as creative as possible to stand out among the long list of ads that fans will see on Feb. 11. You have heard of Smelly Cat, but Mayo Cat is set to make its debut alongside Kate McKinnon in this Super Bowl ad for Hellmann’s.

The duo discuss reaction to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s definitive answer on if the Super Bowl’s streaming future and other things that have stood out leading up to the Super Bowl. After last year’s Super Bowl found Jason Sudekis morphing into other people and vice versa, TurboTax’s Super Bowl 57 spot doesn’t feature a big name, but rather a dancer who doesn’t have to do taxes. Rapper and singer Post Malone is known as a musician who likes to have a good time, and he is leaning into that persona in this commercial for Bud Light.

When France sent the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1884, that was a hard gift to top. In Etsy’s Super Bowl LVIII spot, the company reimagines what would have happened if the Americans had used Etsy’s «Gift Mode» to find a return gift for the French. This year’s Super Bowl commercial from Coors Light brings back an old classic — the Silver Bullet train. Conductor LL Cool J sets out to save a new boyfriend from an awkward watch party experience. Along the way, Grammy-winning country singer Lainey Wilson gets a cold beverage, and Coors Light also pokes a little fun at rival Corona.

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The funniest aspect of this commercial is that McKinnon even takes a lighthearted dig at fellow SNL star Pete Davidson’s love life. «You lasted longer than most,» McKinnon says to offer Mayo Cat some encouragement. Come learn from the good, bad and ugly examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to know now about the new era of social media at Social Media Week, April 9-11 in NYC.

Because that’s all we get, the teaser does it’s job of leaving viewers wanting a little bit more ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. State Farm’s Super Bowl teaser features the iconic action star in a perfect spoof of modern superhero movie trailers. Finally, there’s a shot of the man himself, standing tall and looking heroic right before the reveal of Schwarzenegger’s superhero name, Agent State Farm. First SBJ’s Austin Karp is joined by Ben Fischer from Las Vegas talk the upcoming Super Bowl.